About Us

Company History

Winbro Group companies have been leaders in the development and manufacture of advanced machining and finishing technologies for over forty years. We offer industry leading solutions for electrochemical deburring, and abrasive flow machining.

The Team

Dr. Win Perry
The President and Founder of Winbro Flow Grinding, has decades of experience with the abrasive flow machining and electrochemical deburring. As a co-founder and former President of Dynetics Corp., he led the development of Dynaflow® abrasive media, the Dynastream® process for fuel injector nozzles, and Chemtool® electrochemical deburring products. He has several patents in these areas.

Luke Perry
Vice President & Sales Director, combines hands-on knowledge of the machines and media with customer-centric focus.

Rod Sundet
Sales Manager, Rod brings decades of experience in the metal finishing industry. His past positions include ECD product manager at Dynetics.


Winbro Group Technologies, Inc.
70 Conn Street
Woburn, MA, 01801 USA

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